How to Structure your Research Paper?

The research paper is an essential part of an article or term paper. It is very important to make an outline of your research paper. Making an outline for your research paper will make your work more organized.

Research Paper Writing, Dissertation Writing, Thesis Writing

Research Paper Writing

Writing research paper is equally important as doing experiments for your research, which is itself a very difficult task. Every institute and university have their own method of writing research reports, today I am sharing you the standard method of research writing, which is followed by the majority of students. Follow this research paper structure to make your work organized.

  • Length: Most of the time length does not include citations which you will provide in your research or appendices. In my opinion, you should go through several articles to get an idea about their standard outline only if you are planning to publish your research in some specific journal.
  • Title: It is the most important thing in your research paper. Your title should be clear, so that your reader can understand your topic. But, don’t make your title too long. Try to make title using keywords, so people can easily search your research on the web.
  • Abstract: Be very careful while designing your research paper, because the abstract is the first thing your reader is going to read before reading the whole research paper. Your abstract should contain valuable information.
  • Table of Content: This part is not mandatory, you can include table if you want to divide sections and subsection for easy navigation for readers.
  • Introduction: In the introductory part, you have to provide background of your research. You can also give a quick review of your research history by providing proper citation
  • Method: In this area you have to describe which method you have used for collecting data and which technique you adopted to conduct your research.
  • Result: In this portion, you have to illustrate what you have observed during your research. Show your statistical test result and give your opinion about the result. Here, you can also include graphs and table to show facts and figure. But, do not include too many tables and graph otherwise it will confuse your readers.
  • Discussion:In this section, you should discuss your findings to your readers. You can also tell your readers what result you have expected, while performing your experiment and what was the actual outcome.
  • Conclusion:This section is the detailed version of your abstract. You can elaborate your findings in one paragraph over here.
  • References:Provide your references in this corner.
  • Acknowledgements: You can mention the names of those people who had helped you in conducting your research
  • Appendices: You can depot all your raw data and calculations. This part is very important and must be carried out correctly in your research paper.

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