How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a two or three line sentences which emphasize your ideas about the topic. This statement tells your judgement about the topic. Your thesis statement should be clear and focused.

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Thesis Statement Writing

Before writing a thesis statement, first identify what kind of research paper you are composing. There are three types of papers:

  • Analytical paper: this type of paper evaluates the problem and presents ideas, reason behind the problem and interpretation to their readers.
  • Expository paper: this paper only gives the explanation about something to their readers.
  • Argumentative paper:this type of paper makes an allegation and then vindicate those allegations by providing solid evidence. An allegation could be about anything an opinion, a policy proposal, cause and effect statement an interpretation or evaluation. Argumentative papers are written to convince readers by telling allegations are true, according to the evidence.

Write your thesis statement according to the type of paper you are writing, as thesis statement is considered as the central argument of your research. The thesis statement is always written in the introductory part, so write your thesis statement in a way that your reader uphold their reading till the end. Develop your thesis statement more clearly as it provides a road map for the reader about what type of argument will be discussed subsequently in the research paper.

Don’t befuddle opinion statement with thesis statement, as the thesis statement states the audience that, the claims which are made in the research paper are justified and will be supportable by providing solid evidence later in this research.

Always remember:

  • Provide enough evidence to defend your claim
  • Your statement should be clear and focused
  • Write your statement at the end of your introductory paragraph

Example of thesis statement

“The dexterity to buy advertising spots on television is beneficial for those applicants who are participating in senate because there are millions of people who watch television everyday for their entertainment and publicity on television will make them popular among people”

What should be your thesis statement:

If your research tells you to make allegations about your subject that make a statement that shows allegation in your sentence. It is not always necessary to include a thesis statement in your research. If you are facing any confusion you can ask your professor whether you should include thesis statement or not. The thesis statement is only required when you are told to testify cause and effect, compare and contrast statement, or to depict or analyze any information.

Developing a thesis statement is a very critical process. Before developing a thesis statement try to collect and analyze information and search for the facts to prove your allegations. Once you are done with collecting all the evidence, then work on writing a thesis statement.

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